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Gree Sapphire

The Sapphire series ultra-high efficiency smart ductless system from GREE will keep any room comfortable without sacrificing ascetics. The quiet, unobtrusive design delivers advanced performance with an industry-leading energy efficiency rating for heating and cooling. Reliable heat pump for winter operation delivers up to 90% heating capacity at temperatures down to -22°F. Unparalleled efficiency and technology make Sapphire the ideal choice for your home or office.

  • 15,354 BTU cooling and 18,766 BTU heating for precise temperature control

  • 7-speed fan for the exact air flow you desire

  • Programmable timer to optimize your comfort

  • Uses the remote as your own personal thermostat adjusting the room temperature to your desired level where you are

  • Low-decibel operation plus 3-sleep mode options for peaceful all-day operation

  • G-10 inverter technology reaches the desired temperature faster and maintains consistent comfort levels year round

  • Sleek white housing blends with indoor decor

  • 4-way adjustable swing louvers provide full 180° air distribution throughout the room

  • Multi-function hand-held wireless remote is easy to use and features a large LCD display

  • Polymeric washable air filter prevents dust and debris from affecting system performance

Gree Livo

The Livo Wi-Fi Programmable High Efficiency Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump system is compact, quiet and comes in a variety of sizes to heat and cool any room. The Livo outdoor compressor section is powered by a twin rotary compressor with GREE's DC Inverter technology. This inverter technology with eco-friendly R-410a refrigerant to saves you energy, reduces outdoor noise and keeps room temperature steady by eliminating the constant starts and stops of conventional air conditioning systems. The Livo indoor section is designed to be a comfortable fit in virtually any living space. 

  • 12,500 BTU cooling and 15,013 BTU heating for powerful temperature control

  • Heat or cool up to 550 sq. ft. to keep your living space comfortable

  • G10 Inverter technology allows the system to ramp up or slow down avoiding frequent starts and stops resulting in a more comfortable climate and better air quality

  • Digital thermostat read-out on both unit and remote to set to desired temperature

  • Low-decibel operation won't interfere with normal conversation

  • Waterfall heating and cooling via auto-rotating deflectors

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